Yole Cafe – Halal Cafe serves Wholesome Brunch Menu

Yole Cafe - Restaurant FrontI was on my way to Chinatown Christmas Market when I spotted Yole Cafe along Pagoda Street.

Isn’t Yole the brand that specializes in frozen yogurt? Now there is a Yole Cafe too? It looks really pretty, let’s check it out!

Yole Cafe – Decor

The cafe is a far cry from the usual Yole kiosks around Singapore.

Yole Cafe - InteriorThe interior is brightly-lit with contemporary design. There are plenty of different seats for groups of friends, dates or counter seats for solos.

Posters in bright colors on the walls gives the place a friendly and inviting vibe.

Yole Cafe – Food

What sets Yole Cafe truly stand out are the never-before-seen selection of sweet and savory brunch offerings. This is their menu for your reference.

Yole Cafe - Mushroom Toast & EggsFor something light, there is Mushroom Toast and Eggs [S$16.50]. The multigrain bread is a little hard, but the sautéed mushrooms and bacon bits makes the bread so tasty. The side dishes of fluffy scrambled egg and spinach salad are great too.

Yole Cafe - Honey Orange ToastHoney Orange Toast [S$14.90] is another great option for a light bite with fruity flavors.

Yole Cafe - Club SandwichSomething a little more filling will be Club Sandwich [S$18.50]. I love that they use multigrain bread, which make it all the more healthy. The multigrain bread sandwiches marinated chicken, egg, tomatoes and cheese. It is a quite a mouthful, but delicious to boot.

Yole Cafe - Avocado Salmon RiceIf you need more carbohydrates, I recommend Avocado Salmon Rice [S$18.90]. A circular pearl rice base is topped with diced avocados, diced beetroot and garnished with smoked salmon slices. The pink sauce at the base is beetroot sauce.

Yole Cafe - Pistachio BriocheI highly recommend sharing Pistachio Brioche [S18.90] among 2-3 friends. Two pieces of thick toasted toast are stacked together, smeared with egg custard and pistachio butter and topped with a scoop of creamy ice-cream. The fresh fruits help to balance out the sweetness but it still gets a little jelak after a few mouthfuls.

Yole Cafe - IbizaFor something a little less sweet, there is the usual Ibiza [Medium S$7.50, Large S$8.50] the classic yogurt parfait loaded with toppings, fruits, crunches and your choice of sauce.

Drinks-wise, there are 8 choices to choose from. Every drink looks so good, I had a hard time deciding.

Yole Cafe - Mango Blue IslandMango Blue Island [S$8.90] is perfect for the tropical island of Singapore. The blue and white whipped foam looks like sand and sea. The golden yellow mango puree at the bottom reminds me of sunny Singapore.

Yole Cafe - Lychee Iced TeaLychee Iced Tea [S$7.50] is more refreshing, with crunchy lychee fruit to compliment the drink.

Yole Cafe - Featured ImageYole Cafe

Address: 30 Pagoda Street, Singapore 059189

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

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