Alati Skewers – Authentic Xinjiang Lamb Skewers in Square 2

Lamb skewers (羊肉串) was and still is one of my favorite childhood food. It was a cheap (¥$0.10 per stick) and tasty snack that everyone can afford to enjoy. It originated from Xinjiang of Inner Mongolia and it is commonly found in the Northeastern part of China.

There are quite a few Chinese restaurants in Singapore Chinatown that sells lamb skewers such as Dong Bei Xiao Chu. These restaurants do not specialize in mutton skewers and some of them try to tweak the taste to suit the local palate. 

Alati Skewers 1

I have recently found a small shop in Square 2 (of all places) that specializes in lamb skewers. Alati Skewers is located next to Mr. Bean on level 1 of Square 2. The bright pink on dark blue logo reflects its Inner Mongolia origins. 

Alati Skewers 3

You can choose to have either lamb or chicken, but lamb is definitely more worth it. This shop follows the original recipe of using only chilli powder and cumin powder. You can choose your preferred level of chilli and cumin powder.

Alati Skewers 4

Alati Skewers 5

The poster outside Alati Skewers says that their Tiger Bubble Tea [$2.80] (which is really just brown sugar milk tea), so I decided to give it a try. If you are thinking of giving it a try, don’t. The milk tea is very diluted and I can hardly taste the brown sugar. 

Alati Skewers 2

Alati Skewers 6

The Lamb Skewers [$5.40 for 3, $10.50 for 5, $21 for 12] on the other hand, are excellent. There is a good balance of lean meat and cubes of fat. The skewers are cooked upon order and arrive piping hot. Although they are a little expensive, but the authentic tastes makes it worthwhile. 

Chicken Skewers [$4.50 for 3, $8.80 for 6, $17 for 12] are like the savory version of the chicken satay. 

If you find eating skewers too troublesome, you can also get Lamb Wrap [$5.50] or Chicken Wrap [$5]. 

Alati Skewers 7

Hospital staff can get 10% off your purchase if you flash your hospital pass. 

Although I can vouch for Alati Skewers’s authenticity and quality of the food, but I wonder how long it can survive in Singapore, where lamb is not commonly eaten and Xinjiang cuisine is still a novelty. 

Alati Skewers 

Address: 10 Sinaran Drive, Square 2 #01-22, Singapore 308506

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 9pm

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