Alley on 25 – Good Value Set Lunch and Dinner

If you work around Bugis area, Alley on 25 is a great place for lunch or dinner. Located on the 25th floor of Andaz Singapore, Alley on 25 gives you stunning cityscape view of the surrounding while you indulge in delicious cuisine.

Set Lunch & Dinner

Alley on 25 - Menu

Alley on 25 offers two-course and three-course lunch and dinner sets at S$36 and S$42 respectively. I honestly think the sets are great value because you get to try a few of their bestsellers from their 4 kitchens.


Alley on 25 - Soup of the Day

Soup of the Day from Green Oven happened to be Cream of Cauliflower that day. This soup was velvety -smooth with a touch of refreshing sweetness from the cauliflower.

Alley on 25 - Smoked Duck Salad

Amp up your salad experience with Smoked Duck Salad from Icehaus where smoked duck provides a nice smokiness and dried cranberries a little sweetness.


Auntie’s Laksa from Asian Wok Specialities is one of Alley on 25’s signature dish. The rice noodles is paired with tiger prawns, fish cake, quail egg and bean sprouts in a fiery-red potent curry coconut broth.

Alley on 25 - Barramundi En Papillote

Barramundi En Papillote is another popular main, probably due to its presentation. The fish together with leek, fennel, asparagus, salsa and white wine sauce is all baked in a grease paper parcel. The marriage of the flavours from the various ingredients makes the barramundi so flavourful and tender.


Alley on 25 - Chocolate Malt Sundae

Nothing says dessert quite like a Chocolate Malt Sundae especially when it comes with mud cake, chocolate sauce, cacao nib crumb and salted cashew brittle.

Alley on 25 - Pistachio Eclair

For something a little sophisticated, try the Pistachio Eclair. The brittle choux dough paired with sweet nutty pistachio whip and tangy raspberry jam is the ultimate enjoyment.

Alley on 25 - Classic Meyer Lemon Tart

Maybe you want something a little more sourish, in which case you should go for the Classic Meyer Lemon Tart. Alley on 25’s version looks beautiful like a standing sandwich finished with torched meringue, but it is still citrusy and sweet.


Alley on 25 - Mashed Potato

If you want a little something to supplement the set meal, I highly recommend the Mashed Potato which I can only describe as “glorious”. It’s so creamy and smooth, it’s a delight to eat.

Alley on 25 - Interior

Alley on 25

Address: 5 Frazer Street, Andaz Singapore level 25, Singapore 189354

Telephone: 64081288

Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 10.30am


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