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And Why – Hipster New York Themed Halal Restaurant at Bali Lane

Mariem and I didn’t get to try And Why on our last cafe-hopping expedition (where we checked out Krave, All In, Le Kue and BetterField) so we decided to have our pre-Christmas celebration at And Why. 
And Why is the newest addiction run by the same people behind All In and I Am. All In is a charming little halal takeaway counter selling freshly-baked pastries, coffee and cold-pressed juices while I Am is an halal restaurant modeled after Amsterdam.  
And Why is a New York themed halal restaurant restaurant that serves freshly-brewed coffee, freshly-baked pastries, gourmet sandwiches, exquisite mains and desserts. And Why is a halal restaurant so there are no alcoholic drinks but the restaurant has come up with hand-crafted adaptations of well-known cocktails. 
Exotic Elders is a refreshing drink made of pink grapefruit base, infused with Elderflower and finished with a dash of soda. The drink is served with an assortment of edible flowers, I believe the small white ones are elderflowers.
Made by fusing watermelon base with Lussory white and served with a dash of lemonade, Mademoiselle is the perfect ladies’ drink. 

Red Sangria is an adaptation of the original Spanish drink. Lussory red is mixed with lemonade, fruits and spices to make this non-alcoholic version of Sangria. 

Lobster Thermidor is And Why’s signature dish. Whole lobster grilled with cheese, served with thermidor sauce and grilled vegetables. It is a very healthy meal but they may want to work on the taste a little because it is a tad bland. 

I personally feel that And Why’s Panna Cotta, an Italian desert of cooked cream and vanilla pod served with mixed berries, is too soft. 
The food may not be quite up to standard yet but the warm hospitality of the staff and hipster-cool ambiance of this charming cafe will make you want to come back again and again if only for a glass of their delicious mocktail after work. 
And Why
Address: 31 Bali Lane 
Telephone: 62910993
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Closed on Wednesdays) 

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