Din Tai Fung (Suntec City) – Consistent Quality

One of the sales representatives invited the doctor and a few of the staff to lunch to thank us for our continuous support. It was decided that we shall have the dinner at one of the only chain restaurant I actually like, Din Tai Fung. 
Instead of drinking drinks loaded with artificial sweeteners, why not go for something healthy like this Roselle Drink. Roselle is a species of hibiscus native to West Africa. Roselle is noted for its anti-hypertensive and cancer-treating properties and it is used in folk medicine as a mild diuretic and laxative. Health benefits aside, this sweet tangy drink is perfectly suited for the hot weather of Singapore when served chilled.

If you are looking for a light soup dish, I recommend Noodle Soup with Shrimp & Pork Wantons. The handmade noodles are full of springiness and the combination of pork and shrimps give the wanton a distinctive sweetness. 

For something classic and a little more full-bodied flavor, I recommend Noodle with Minced Pork in Bean Sauce. The minced pork is fried with fragrant black bean paste. Paired with freshly handmade noodles, it is simple yet so satisfying. 

Din Tai Fung’s Fried Rice with Shrimps & Eggs has done this humble dish proud. You may think “what is so special about plain old fried rice” but one bite and you will know how wrong you are. The rice soft and moist and each grain of rice is evenly coated with egg. It is not overly oily and each mouthful leaves your mouth filled with the simplicity of the dish. This is definitely one of the best fried rice I have had in a long time. 

No meal is complete without at least one tray of Din Tai Fung’s famous Steamed Pork Dumplings. Truth be told, I can’t really tell if this is really the best because they all taste pretty much the same to me  . Opt for the Truffle Steamed Pork Dumplings or Crab Steamed Pork Dumplings for a little more luxury. 

Deep Fried Shrimp & Pork Wantons was a bit of a let-down. It was highly-recommended by the the sales representative but it tastes very average. 

The sales representative swears by this Crispy Golden Prawn Pancake and for good reason. Fresh prawns are minced and blended with carrot, mushrooms and water chestnuts. The mixture is then flattened into a pancake and deep-fried till a beautiful golden colour. The result are strips of golden pancakes that is crispy and has a light sweetness that leaves you craving for more. 
Din Tai Fung is truly an exceptional Chinese restaurant that is worthy of its one Michelin star. Fantastic service, excellent quality food and extensive menu promising authentic Chinese dishes has made me a fan of Din Tai Fung. 

Addresses and telephone numbers of all 19 outlets in Singapore and 2 outlets in Thailand can be found here. Reservation is highly recommended for lunch and dinner, especially on weekends, where the queue can get alarmingly long.

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