Ashes Burnnit – Handcrafted Halal Burgers

It’s been a long while since I last had a good burger because Fatburger & Buffalo’s @ Novena Square has closed down. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look very far. I found Ashes Burnnit at Golden Mile Food Centre which also sells halal burgers.

Ashes Burnnit - Stall FrontI have heard some rave reviews about this hawker burger stall opened by former Burgs by Project Warung member, Lee Syafiq. This stall became so successful that there are now 2 more outlets in Alexandra Village Food Centre and Springleaf Eating House.

Ashes Burnnit - Menu

I like the clean and minimalistic design of the stall. Everything about the design from the black signboard with yellow borders and black menu with white bold letters feels hip and young.

Ashes Burnnit – The Food

Ashes Burnnit - Ashes Smash Cheese Burger

Ashes Smashed Cheese Burger [Single with Fries S$5.90, Double with Fries S$8.40] is Ashes Burnnit’s signature burger. 

I feel satisfied just looking at that beast of a burger. Two freshly-cooked beef patties sandwiches a slice of American cheese, topped with iceberg lettuce, signature sauce and fried shallots. 

Ashes Burnnit - Ashes Smash Cheese Burger MealIt is impossible to not get your hands dirty while eating this burger. The juice from the beef patties dripped down my hands when I tried to squeeze the burger into my mouth and shallots dropped all over the place.

I love how juicy and tender the handcrafted beef patties are and how the different flavors come together to perfectly. Even though the thick fries manages to maintain its crispness, I still prefer shoe-string fries. 

Ashes Burnnit - Truffle Mushroom Burger InsideTruffle Mushroom Burger [Single with Fries S$8, Double with Fries S$10.50] reminds me of Burger King Mushroom Swiss Burger.

Ashes Burnnit - Truffle Mushroom BurgerWhat distinguishes Ashes Burnnit from Burger King are the handcrafted beef patties, American cheese and their housemade truffle cream sauce. The beef patty is juicier than Burger King’s and the accompaniments makes it worth every bite.

Ashes Burnnit - Classic Mac & CheeseBesides burgers, Ashes Burnnit also serves mac and cheese. This is the Classic Mac & Cheese [S$5] which is topped with toasted breadcrumbs and mozzarella cheese.

The toasted breadcrumbs gives this classic dish a nice crunchiness but does nothing to elevate the taste. Swapping toasted breadcrumbs for bacon bits will it a good crunch and some much-needed flavor contrast. 

All in all, Ashes Burnnit serves delicious handcrafted halal burgers and mac & cheese at wallet-friendly prices. 

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