Pha Muk – Thai Rice Noodles Crab Laksa and Fermented Pork Salad

Pha Muk - Restaurant

On a recent visit to Golden Mile Complex, I discovered a little Thai restaurant selling pork noodles. It is right next to Golden Banana and it is called Pha Muk.

Pha Muk - Menu

Besides noodles, Pha Muk also serves salads and side dishes that you won’t find elsewhere.

Pha Muk - Kway Teow Soup

Pha Muk’s Kway Teow Soup [S$5] is vastly different from the kway teow soup you find in hawker centers and coffeeshops around Singapore.

Instead of the usual fishballs and fishcakes, the Kway Teow Soup here comes with handmade pork balls, pork slices and pork innards. The clear light-brown broth is robust in flavor. The portion size is very generous, just a bowl of this Kway Teow Soup will fill you up nicely.

Pha Muk - Thai Rice Noodles Crab Laksa

The Thai Rice Noodles Crab Laksa [S$5] is only available on Saturdays and Sundays. 

The broth is a light laksa broth without the heavy coconut milk taste. There are just morsels of crabmeat in the broth but it does give the broth a slightly sweetness. 

The lady boss asked me if I wanted chicken feet in my laksa. The chicken feet is optional, but since it is free, I asked to add it. It’s weird having chicken feet with laksa but I have to say that the chicken feet is very well-cooked. 

Pha Muk - Fermented Pork SaladFermented Pork Salad [S$10] is actually a Laos dish which is known as larb som moo

This popular salad dish combines fermented pork (som moo) with herbs, lime, roasted peanuts and toasted rice. The spicy, sour, sweet and bitter flavors melds together for a deliciously exotic flavorful punch. 

Pha Muk serves interesting Thai dishes that you won’t find elsewhere in Singapore. 

Pha Muk

Address: 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex #02-64 Unit D, Singapore 199588

Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am – 7pm

Facebook Page:

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