Bakerzin’s Fruit Series Snowskin Mooncake Review

Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 has just passed on 1 October 2020, last Thursday. 

I didn’t use to pay much attention to this festival over the past years. I would usually anyhow pick up a few pieces of traditional mooncake from any shop on my way home. 

I am so sick and tired of the same old lotus paste and salted egg yolk combination. This year I decided to get snowskin or durian mooncakes instead. 

I originally wanted to get just 1-2 pieces since we are just a small family but all mooncakes come in 4 or 8 packaging.

Bakerzin Fruit Series Snowskin Mooncake - Packaging

I stumbled upon Bakerzin’s website and saw their new Fruit Series Snowskin Mooncake. They come in 8 -piece sets but the mooncakes are mini-sized, so it’s not too much.

Bakerzin Fruit Series Snowskin Mooncake - 4 Flavors


There are 4 flavors: 

  • Orange Chia Seed Snowskin 
  • Honey Dew Chia Seed Snowkin 
  • Lychee Chia Seed Snowskin 
  • Strawberry Chia Seed Snowskin

One box costs S$46 which I think is still pretty affordable.

Bakerzin Fruit Series Snowskin MooncakeThese mooncakes are so cute and dainty, I almost can’t bear to eat them. They are so small, each mooncake can be finished in 2 bites. 

These snowskin mooncakes are not as sweet as the traditional lotus paste mooncakes. You can taste the different fruits and the chia seeds gives a nice crunchy texture. 

I shall try Bakerzin’s Durian Snow Skin Mooncake next year. 

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