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Colonial Club Signatures (Paragon) – Western, Nyonya and Local Cuisine

I recently discovered a superb restaurant that serves excellent Singapore local cuisine and I want to share it with you. 

Colonial Club Signatures - Restaurant FrontColonial Club is located in the basement of Paragon Shopping Centre, besides Le Shrimp Ramen.

The white paneled walls, white marble tables and wicker chairs give off a nostalgic colonial vibe.

The menu features mix of heritage cuisines, including Western dishes done in Hainanese-style, Nyonya delights and local favorites with British-Colonial influences. 

Colonial Club Signatures - Signature Nasi Lemak Tower (Side View)Signature Nasi Lemak [S$16.90] is a good example of local favorite with a British-Colonial twist. Instead of presenting nasi lemak flat on a plate, this nasi lemak goes vertical. 

If you thought that serving nasi lemak in tower form is just for the visual impact, you are in for a surprise. The coconut rice that seats on top of the round otah is tinted blue with blue pea flower, followed by cucumber slices and fried egg, topped with beef rendang and fried crisps. 

As you take a mouthful with all the different components, the layers of textures and flavors are deeply satisfying. That beef rendang is definitely the soul of this dish, the beef is fork-tender and well-infused with the rendang sauce. 

Colonial Club Signatures - Hainanese Chicken RiceThis is probably the most expensive Hainanese Chicken Rice [S$12.90] I have had but the beautiful presentation makes the extra dollars worthwhile. The poached chicken breast is tender and juicy, it goes really well with the house-made chilli sauce, ginger and dark soy sauce.

The blanched bok choy and bowl of clear vegetable soup provides balance to the meal. 

Colonial Club Signatures - Superior Promfret Fish & Scallop SoupFor something soupy, I ordered Superior Promfret Fish & Scallop Soup [S$18.90]. You can choose to have this with either rice or bee hoon. I counted 3 huge pieces of promfret and 2 scallops in the soup. The soup itself is flavorful that comes from many hours of cooking.

Colonial Club Signatures is one of those restaurants where you can get a taste of the different culinary cultures of Singapore in one seating – Western, Nyonya, Chinese and Malay. 

Colonial Club Signatures (Paragon) 

Address: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon Shopping Centre #B1-43, Singapore 238859

Telephone: 62193592

Colonial Club (Changi Airport) 

Address: 65 Airport Boulevard, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 #03-33, Singapore 819633

Telephone: 62140268

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10.30pm


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