Chunz – Halal Corndogs in Selegie

Gangnam Corndog used to be the only place that specialises in corndog in Singapore. A few others have popped up over the years, one of them is Chunz in Selegie.

Chunz originated from Malaysia, not Korea. The best part about Chunz is probably the fact that they are halal. They source all their ingredients from 100% Jakim halal-certified suppliers. Currently 6 of their 18 outlets in Malaysia are halal-certified, the Singapore outlet is still in the process of being halal-certified.

The Shop

Chunz - Shop FrontChunz is as funky as its name suggests. It’s a clean-looking shop with ceiling-to-floor sliding glass doors. A single signage on the right top-hand corner in bold yellow lettering and a corndog sign says Chunz. There are only 4 seats in the shop so be ready to order takeaway.

Chunz - InteriorIf you look at the interior from this way, the entire shop resembles that of a giant corndog takeaway box, with just enough space between the counter and table for a huge corndog.

The Food

Chunz - MenuThis is Chunz’s menu. Sorry, I should have taken the one with prices.

There are 5 corndogs to choose from. The most basic is The OG [S$4.90 Ala Carte, $7.90 with drink] which is basically black pepper sausage encased in batter and breadcrumbs. Unless you have a serious love for black pepper sausage, it’s safe to give this one a miss.

The next option is Cheddar [S$5.90 Ala Carte, S$8.90 with drink] where they wrap the sausage in cheddar cheese before coating in batter and breadcrumbs. To be honest, I can’t really taste the cheddar, so it was pretty disappointing.

Chunz - CorndogsThird option is Mozza [S$5.90 Ala Carte, S$8.90 with drink] where you have half mozzarella cheese and half a sausage. This is the most common type found in Singapore. I like it, but I wish there were more mozzarella cheese.

Which leads me to my favourite, Mozza Mania [S$6.50 Ala Carte, S$9.50 with drink] where you get a whole stick of mozzarella cheese. Oh my, I am so in love with that cheese pull!

The picture and name, Mozza Cheddar [$6.50 Ala Carte, $9.50 with drink] is really misleading. The picture on the menu shows hall mozzarella and half cheddar when it’s really half a sausage and half mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Again, I can only taste the sausage and mozzarella cheese but not the cheddar cheese.

If you want more bite from your corndog, consider adding Polo Puff or Curly Crunch for S$1 more.

Chunz - SaucesThere are altogether 9 condiments to choose from, 6 of which – Chilli, Mayonnaise, Korean BBQ, Mustard, Ketchup, Sugar – are free to use. If you want Wasabi Mayo, Cheese Sauce or Spicy Korean, there will be an extra S$1 per sauce.

I didn’t get the Cheese Fries but I did get the Mystery Drink which tastes like blueberry soda drink to me. I wish they had better drinks. Yogurt drinks are really popular in Korea, which I think will go well with their corndogs.

Chunz - Featured Image


Address: 1 Selegie Road, GR.iD #01-04, Singapore 188306

Telephone: 80480933

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10pm


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