Kreams Krafthouse – Instagram-Worthy Korean Cafe with Maple Leaves

Korean cafes have been opening one after another thanks to Korean dramas. Besides being featured in that certain Korean drama, there is nothing to set it apart from any other cafes. 

Kreams Krafthouse - EntranceBut a cafe with maple leaves? Now, that’s something new. 

Kreams Krafthouse - Interior 1If you want to visit Kreams Krafthouse, try to visit on a weekday. I wanted to try my luck on a Saturday afternoon and there was at least 20 people in the queue. If you must visit on a weekend, be prepared to wait at least an hour before you even get through the door. 

Kreams Krafthouse - Interior 2
The aesthetics of the cafe definitely does not disappoint. Maple leaves in different hues of green, yellow and orange cover ever inch of ceiling. Pillars are covered in brown bark to resemble tree trunks and soft yellow lighting completes the dreamy ambience. 

Kreams Krafthouse - Interior 3Sitting on the wooden tables and benches under the maple leaves really makes you feel you are in a park in Korea. 

Kreams Krafthouse - MenuKreams Krafthouse serves only three things: coffee (and caffeine-free) drinks, cakes and scones. 

Kreams Krafthouse - Dalgona MilkDalgona coffee went viral on social media during the circuit breaker, but I don’t drink coffee so I didn’t try to make it. Since Dalgona Latte [S$9++] is one of the signature drinks at Kreams Krafthouse, I was all ready for sleepless night. 

When I saw the menu, there was a Dalgona Milk [S$8++] which is caffeine-free so I got this instead. It is really just fresh milk topped with house-made toffee crisps. Let the drink sit for a while so that the toffee crisps melts into the milk. It tastes a little like chocolate milk with a nice smoky taste. 

Kreams Krafthouse - Midnight ChocolateThere are 9 cakes available for selection. I was really looking forward to trying Rainbow Chocolate  [S$8++] but it was sold out so I ordered the popular Midnight Chocolate [S$12++] instead. 

The cake looks nice but it is dry and hard. Expensive and totally not worth the price.

I totally forgot about the scones which are available in 9 flavors –

  • Plain Scone [S$4]
  • Chocolate Scone [S$5]
  • Sweet Potato Scone [S$4.50]
  • Cranberry Scone [S$4.50]
  • Matcha Scone [S$5] 
  • Chocolate Cream Scone [S$5] 
  • Yuzu Scone [S$5] 
  • Dalgona Scone [S$5] 
  • Coffee Scone [S$5]

I have read quite a few reviews that says the Dalgona Scone is dry so I am not sure if I still want to try it. 

Kreams Krafthouse

Kreams Krafthouse has a lovely ambience that is perfect for dates and catching up with friends. I believe the coffee is good, but the cakes and scones could be better. 

Kreams Krafthouse 

Address: 32 Maxwell Road, Maxwell Chambers #01-07, Singapore 069115

Telephone: 62266239

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 9am – 10.30pm (closed on Sundays) 

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