Dong Fang Mei Shi 东方美食 – Northeastern Chinese Restaurant

Dong Fang Mei Shi - Restaurant Front

It has been a long since I last had Northeastern Chinese cuisine at and I was craving for it. I happened to be in Chinatown and Dong Fang Mei Shi 东方美食 was one of the first restaurant I saw the moment I exited the MRT station.

A big bright-red signboard above the door lists the various barbecued items the restaurant offers. Another bright-red signboard at the back of the restaurant proudly states “Dong Fang Mei Shi 东方美食”。That looks like a true-blue Northeastern Chinese restaurant.

Dong Fang Mei Shi 东方美食 – The Food

Dong Fang Mei Shi - Dumplings

I love having dumplings (which was why I went to check out DaXi 大喜) and the 水饺 Dumplings [S$6.50 for 10 pieces] are delicious with juicy fillings.

Dong Fang Mei Shi - Lamb Kebab

I can never get tired of eating 烤羊肉串 Lamb Kebab [S$1.20 per stick]. The skewers here are some of the better ones I have had, there’s a good mix of lean mutton and mutton fats which makes the skewers juicy and tender. I love that they use lots of spices such as cumin with just a hint of chilli powder that reminds of the skewers I had in China.

Dong Fang Mei Shi - EggplantThe 烤茄子 Eggplant [S$5], however, is just terrible. It is so salty, I can’t even taste the natural sweetness of the eggplant.

Dong Fan Mei Shi - Pan-Fried Meat

锅包肉 Pan-Fried Meat [S$13.80] is a classic dish in Northeastern cuisine. The pork is marinated and double-fried with a sugar and rice vinegar mixture. Korean tangsuyuk is the Korean adaptation of this very dish.


Dong Fang Mei Shi - Interior

Dong Fang Mei Shi 东方美食’s excellent location (next to Chinatown MRT station) and long opening hours (till 7am!) makes it the perfect place for some heartwarming Northeastern Chinese dishes and supper.

Dong Fang Mei Shi 东方美食

Address: 193/195 North Bridge Road, Singapore 059425

Telephone: 62277769

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 7am

Facebook Page:

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