Etna Italian Restaurant – Classic Italian Cuisine

I have been read many raving reviews of Etna Italian Restaurant and I have been wanting to try it out for myself. I finally got the chance when a friend agreed to join me for dinner tonight.

Etna Italian Restaurant – Decor

Etna Italian Restaurant - Restaurant Front

The white signage with the word “Etna” in red cursive font looks so contemporary and classy. Underneath the signage is all glass, giving passerby a glimpse of the warm ambiance inside.

The tables are lined with white tablecloth and white table throw, paired with black cushioned chairs which gives a sense of classic elegance. The whitewashed walls are adorned with pictures of Italy from the past and present.

Etna Italian Restaurant – The Food

You can access the menu by scanning the QR code on each table which you can also find on their website.

Etna Italian Restaurant - Complimentary Bread

Every table gets a complimentary bread basket. The warm focaccia bread tastes divine with accompanying olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Etna Italian Restaurant - Burrata di Andria

I chose Burrata di Andria [S$28 for 150g, S42 for 300g] to pay homage to the restaurant’s heritage. Burrata is an Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream. Etna serves burrata with Parma ham, cherry tomatoes and rock salad which helps to neutralise the creaminess of the cheese.

Etna Italian Restaurant - Classic Italian Pasta

A simple Classic Italian Pasta {from S$24] to start the meal. It’s just tomato sauce with spaghetti, yet it tastes so comforting. A dash of Parmesan cheese and lots of olive oil definitely helps.

Etna Italian Restaurant - Focaccia Di Recco

Foccacia De Recco is similar to pizza, only less filling. There are three choices – Tradizionale, Pizzata and Crudo e Rucola. This is Tradizionale [S$32] which is a tad too cheesy even for this self-professed cheese-lover. The whole things is just stracchino cheese on focaccia bread. Just one slice is enough to overwhelm anyone with cheesiness.

Etna Italian Restaurant - Ciriole alla Norcina

I love a good Italian handmade pasta anytime so I ordered Ciriole alla Norcina [S$28]. It is homemade semolina pasta with mushrooms, homemade sausage and truffle paste. The first few mouthfuls are heavenly, the truffle paste really gives pungency to the dish. After that, it becomes increasingly difficult to finish due to the artery-clogging oiliness. I finished the pasta with a small pool of oil at the base of the plate.

Etna Italian Restaurant – Conclusion

I love the classic and homey ambiance at Etna Italian Restaurant, but the food tends to be a little too cheesy and oily.

Personally, I still prefer the Italian food at iO Italian Osteria in HillV2. That Homemade Tagliolini, Prawns, Lemon, Aromatic Breadcrumbs is so good, I almost licked the plate.

Etna Italian Restaurant

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Address: 49/50 Duxton Road, Singapore 089513

Telephone: 62205513

Opening Hours: Daily 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm


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