Flipper’s Singapore – Famous Soufflé Pancakes from Japan

Flipper's Singapore - Restaurant Front

I loved the cloud-like soufflé pancakes I had at Belle-Ville Pancake House (Square 2) and Fluff Stack (Northpoint City). So I was really excited to learn that the famous Flippers’ Pancakes from Japan has arrived in Singapore, known as Flipper’s Singapore here. 

Avoid meal hours and weekends if possible. To write this post, I actually timed to arrive half an hour after opening hour and the restaurant was already half-full. You can also pre-book your table with q4what


Flipper’s is decked out in cheery yellow and white colors, complete with yellow plastic chairs. You can see how the pancakes are made through the open-concept kitchen. The open-concept kitchen also gives the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is.  

Flipper's Singapore - Table Mat
There is no physical menu, you will have to scan a QR code and order online. 

Flipper’s kiseki pancakes are available in 5 flavors: Kiseki Pancake [S$16.80], Matcha Azuki [S$19.80], Fresh Fruits [S$21.80], Hazelnut Chocolate [S$21.80] and savory Benedict Pancake [S$21.80].

Flipper's Singapore - Match Azuki

This is the Matcha Azuki [S$19.80] flavor, in tribute to its Japanese origin.

Flipper’s uses premium ingredients imported straight from Japan, Hinata eggs from Kanagawa prefecture and Kitahonami flour milled from Hokkaido wheat. 

Flipper’s pancakes are similar to those at Fluff Stack. The pancakes are fluffy and soft, slightly firmer in texture than Belle-Ville Pancake House’s (purposely) half-cooked pancakes. Accompanying the pancakes are mashed azuki beans, velvety cream cheese and matcha whipped cream. 

Besides pancakes, Flipper’s also offers salads for those who are feeling a little peckish. There are Avacado Salmon Salad [S$12.80] and Fresh Fruits Salad [S$10.80] to choose from.


[S$7.80] is commonly consumed during the Christmas season in the US and Canada but it is rarely seen in Singapore. I happened to visit Flipper’s during the Christmas season and I got to try this seasonal drink. 

Eggnog is made of milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites and egg yolks. It is frothy and creamy with a touch of cinnamon. 

There are also milky drinks, lattes, ade (sweetened drinks), tea, coffee and affogato.


Flipper's Singapore - Takeaway Counter

You can buy Hinata eggs and Japanese strawberries home from this takeaway counter. 

Flipper’s Singapore 

Address: 391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City #B1-56, Singapore 238873

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 9pm

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