Saap Saap Thai – Halal Thai in Changi Airport Terminal 3


Gone are the days when halal restaurants only serve Malay food, there are now halal versions of many cuisines. The Ramen Stall serves halal Japanese, Waker X Oppa and Jinjja Chicken serves halal Korean, just to name a few. 


This time we chose Saap Saap Thai, a restaurant in Changi Airport because we wanted to check out the new Jewel Changi Airport. 


Saap Saap Thai is one of the stalls housed in the dining cluster at basement 2 of Changi Airport Terminal 3. 



You can’t miss its cheerful yellow design, which really lifts one’s mood. 



The menu consists of chicken or beef noodles or rice, tom yum soups, glass noodles salads and Thai beverages. 



This is the Signature Australian Beef Boat Noodle [S$7.90]. The broth is flavorful with a robust beefy goodness. The glass noodles are cooked just right, not too hard with a nice chewy texture. The glass noodles are accompanied by beef slices and beef balls which are fresh and tender. Altogether a slurp-worthy bowl of beefy goodness. 



This is Seafood Caribbean [S$9.90] from the tom yum soup section. The sour and spicy soup has prawns, squid, crabsticks and tomatoes in it. There is a good balance of sourness and spiciness with a subtle hint of seafood sweetness. It comes with a bowl of fragrant steamed rice. 



Saap Saap Thai’s desserts counter is separate from the food counter. There are various variations of mango sticky rice, coconut soft serve sawasdee cup, Thai iced milk tea, mango ice cream and soft serve quick cup. 



Mango Absolute [S$6.50] adds a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to the popular Thai dessert, mango sticky rice. The coconut milk comes in a separate little container which you can then pour over the sticky rice. The mango is very ripe and sweet. The combination of the sweet and creamy coconut milk, chewy sticky rice, refreshing sweet mango and premium ice-cream makes this the perfect dessert. 



I-Tim Mango Pomelo [S$4.80] is simply your regular mango pomelo of pomelo, mango cubes and sago in a sweet coconut broth. It’s supposed to come with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream but they ran out of it. 


You can find the address, unit numbers and opening hours of all 5 Saap Saap Thai outlets in Singapore here

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