Guksu Noodle House – Handmade Korean Noodles

Guksu is a new Korean homemade noodle restaurant that opened it’s first Singapore outlet in Suntec City less than a month ago. “Guksu” is the collective term for noodles or noodle dishes in Korean. There is no shortage of Korean restaurants in Singapore but most of them do not offer many choices in terms of noodles. I believe Guksu is one of the first restaurant to focus on Korean noodles.
There are three types of noodles to choose from: So Meon, Jung Meon and Kal Guksu, defined by the thickness of the noodles.

There are three soup bases to choose from: Sae Woo (prawn), Jo Gae (clam) and Yuk Gae (beef) and then there is Bibim (dry).
The set meal is more value for money with main, side dish and Korean corn tea (hot/cold).
I ordered Doenjang Beef Guksu as a set. 
Doenjang Beef Guksu is made of bean paste beef broth, sliced fresh wagyu beef, boiled egg, bracken, taro stem, white carrot, bean sprout and leek. I regretted ordering Doenjang Beef Guksu because I am not used to the bean paste beef broth, I should have ordered Classic Beef Guksu instead. Nevertheless, the ingredients are fresh.
Although Guksu is a Korean noodle house, the star of the restaurant is really the deep fried drumstick. The available flavours are: classic (honey mustard dipping sauce), spicy, soya (sweet soya sauce), garlic soya and teriyaki.
I had the Deep Fried Teriyaki Drumstick. The skin is very crispy and the meat is very tender, but a little under-marinated. The teriyaki sauce is a little too salty.
I chose So Meon noodles which is the thinnest of the three types of noodles, and I don’t like it very much. It is too thin and it tastes more like “kway teow” than noodles.

I have no idea why they gave me unagi instead of “sliced fresh wagyu beef” as in the description on the menu. Perhaps they ran out of wagyu beef and decided to replace it with unagi? If that is the case, shouldn’t they at least inform me before they decide to take things into their own hands? This is unacceptable!
I like the striped design of the boiled egg.

I ordered Hot Korean Corn Tea and I really like it. It is very subtle in taste and it is perfect for cleansing the palate after a hot bowl of Korean guksu.
Although there is definitely room for improvement especially in the service area, Guksu is an interesting restaurant worth trying out. I will definitely be back to try out all three soup bases and the other four flavours of drumstick.
Guksu Noodle House
3 Temasek Boulevard, 
Suntec City #02-385
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10:30pm 

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