Kenny Rogers Roasters – Classic Rotisserie Chicken

Kenny Rogers Roasters was one of my favourite restaurants in my childhood memories. My mother used to bring me there a lot. It was cheap (by the standards at that time) and the portions were huge. Plus, it’s opened by my favourite country singer, Kenny Rogers.

I don’t remember where it was located (I think it was at Marina Square) but I remembered the smell and taste of the restaurant. The restaurant felt warm and inviting with soft orange lights. Kenny Rogers songs sang softly in the background. They had the best corn muffins, hot from the oven, moist and fluffy with every bite. The whole plate would be heaped with food and I always had trouble finishing the whole plate.

Kenny Rogers Roasters disappeared for a few years, and it reopened in 2019.

The Restaurant

Kenny Rogers Roasters - Restaurant Front

Kenny Rogers Roasters recently opened a new express outlet in Clementi Mall. I have been avoiding it lest it spoils my fond memories of the brand. But I have run out of restaurants to explore so let’s see if it is still as good.

The decor is clean and simple with wooden tables and chairs.

The Food

Kenny Rogers Roasters - Menu

Kenny Rogers Roasters is famous for their grilled chicken. You can’t go wrong with their Kenny’s Quarter Meal [S$12.90] or Kenny’s Half Meal [S$18.90]. Both come with choice of 2 sides and a Kenny’s Signature Corn Muffin.

Kenny Rogers Roasters - Kenny's Half Meal

This is Kenny’s Half Meal [S$18.90] with macaroni & cheese and sautéed vegetable. The chicken is so tender, the meat falls off easily at the touch of my fork.

But Kennny Roger’s signature corn muffin is not as good as it used to be. The muffin is much smaller than it used to be, and it’s not as moist.

Kenny Rogers Roasters - Kenny's Rotisserie Nasi Lemak

Kenny’s Rotisserie Nasi Lemak [S$9.90] is a new addition, pairing Singapore’s iconic nasi lemak with Kenny Rogers grilled chicken. I like that they use red rice which is healthier.

My Verdict

Kenny Rogers Roasters is still a good place for good rotisserie chicken but skip the corn muffin.

You can either visit the 5 outlets listed below or order online.

You can find the addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of all 5 Kenny Rogers Roasters outlets in Singapore here.


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