Koki Tamagoyaki – Japanese Egg Omelette and Choux Puffs at Raffles City Basement

The basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre is a food haven with many interesting restaurants such as WHEAT, Tokyo Sundubu, Andong Zzimdak, PODI and Daikokuya Ramen Dining. 
I have recently discovered a few new stalls and one of them is Koki Tamagoyaki. As the name implies, Koki Tamogoyaki specialists in tamagoyaki, a popular Japanese snack that is made by rolling together layers of cooked egg in a rectangular omelette pan called makiyakinabe. It sounds simple enough, but the proper technique in controlling the pan and flipping the eggs take years to practice.
Koki Tamagoyaki
In Singapore, Tamagoyaki is usually served in the form of nigiri and sushi rolls, I was delighted to learn that Koki Tamogoyaki serves daishimaki tamago, one of the hardest variation of tamagoyaki. Daishimaki Tamago is made using eggs, dashi, mirin and shoyu (Japanese soy sauce). 
Koki Tamagoyaki
Koki Tamagoyaki offers their signature tamagoyaki as Ala Carte, Bento and Value Bento. Ala Carte offers 6 pieces of dashimaki tamago with your choice of topping, Bento has 3 pieces of daishimaki tamago and murshroom rice while the Value Bento lets you choose any 2 of the 4 toppings available to go with the 3 pieces of dashimaki tamago and mushroom rice. 
Koki Tamagoyaki
Koki Tamagoyaki - Flame-Grilled Unagi
Flame-Grilled Unagi [$10.50 in Ala Carte] is one of the most popular toppings and it is not difficult to see why. The soft and succulent pieces of eel are torched till the outside are slightly charred. Served with house-made teriyaki sauce, the softness of the eel goes perfectly with the eggy tamagoyaki. 
Koki Tamagoyaki - Braised Japanese Cha Shu
Braised Japanese Cha Shu [$9.90 in Ala Carte] is another favourite of the patrons of Koki Tamagoyaki. The three slices of cha shu that is served on top of the tamagoyaki have been braised for 8 hours in a house-made teriyaki sauce. 

Koki Tamagoyaki - Shuu by Koki

Koki Tamagoyaki Shuu by Koki - Five Flavors
Koki Tamagoyaki - Shuu by Koki (Vanilla)

Koki Tamagoyaki - Shuu by Koki (Raspberry and Rose)

Koki Tamagoyaki - Shuu by Koki (Matcha)

Koki Tamagoyaki - Shuu by Koki (Coffee)

Koki Tamagoyaki - Shuu by Koki (Black Sesame)
Besides tamagoyaki with various detectable toppings, Koki Tamagoyaki also sells Shuu by Koki, a French-Japanese choux puff that reminds me of Hattendo Cafe’s cream buns. There are 5 flavours to choose from: Raspberry and Rose, Earl Grey, Matcha, Vanilla and Black Sesame. My favourites are the Raspberry & Rose and Vanilla, but it is a little expensive at $4.30 a piece, but the deliciousness of the puffs makes it a great treat to indulge in once in a while. 
I am amazed how Koki Tamagoyaki is able to produce both sweets and savouries all in that small kitchen, but the impeccable quality of the food will have you coming back for more. 
Koki Tamagoyaki 
Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-54, Singapore 179103
Opening Hours: Daily 10 am 10 pm

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