Manchurian Lamb Hotpot 满族全羊铺

I recently watched a YouTube video where the guy was having roasted whole lamb (烤全羊) in Xinjiang. That got me craving for roasted whole lamb but can I find that in Singapore? I did a Google search and the only restaurant that serves roasted whole lamb (烤全羊) in Singapore is Manchurian Lamb Hotpot in Chinatown.

Manchurian Lamb Hotpot - Restaurant Front

I have always wanted to try 烤全羊 so I am really excited to try it at Manchurian Lamb Hotpot.


Manchurian Lamb Hotpot is one of the restaurants along the covered walkway that used to be Chinatown Food Street.

Manchurian Lamb Hotpot - Manchurian Decor

The decor inside has a strong Manchurian vibe with distinctively bright-red tables and chairs. There is a picture of a beautiful Manchurian noblewomen at the back of the restaurant.

The Food

I really wanted to try their Roasted Whole Lamb but it costs a whopping S$668 and you need to reserve 3 days in advance, so I ended up having Manchurian hotpot instead.

You won’t find the usual pork bone, tomato or tom yum soup bases here. The soup bases here are more exotic, such as Beijing Lamb Spine Hotpot 京城羊蝎子 [S$49.80] and Braised Lamb Hotpot 红焖羊肉锅 [S$49.80].

Manchurian Lamb Hotpot - Hotpot

I got the lighter Fish and Lamb Fresh Soup Pot 鱼羊鲜汤锅 [S$49.80] which comes with a complimentary portion of Shrimp Paste 虾滑 and Mutton Meat Ball 羊肉丸子.

Manchurian Lamb Hotpot - Sesame Sauce

Sauces are charged at S$2.50 for unlimited refills. There are only 3 sauces to choose from – Sesame Sauce, Garlic Sesame Oil and Spicy Sauce.

I also ordered a Vegetable Platter 蔬菜拼盘 [S$13.80], U.S Beef Rolls 美国肥牛卷 [S$16.90], Classic Mutton Rolls 传统羊肉卷 [Small S$14.40, Large S$28.80] as well as Frozen Tofu 冻豆腐 [S$5].

Manchurian Lamb Hotpot - BBQ

There are also many BBQ options available, such as BBQ Lamb Stick 烤羊肉串 [S$1.80/stick] and BBQ Lamb Tendon Skin 烤羊筋皮 [S$3.80].

Manchurian Lamb Hotpot - Plum Juice

Drink-wise, you should really try this traditional Plum Juice 自制老铺酸梅汤 [S$9.80 per jar] which helps to balance the oiliness from the mutton dishes and hotpot.


Unlike buffet steamboats, Manchurian Lamb Hotpot is much pricier but you get the best quality one-of-a-kind Old Beijing style hotpot you can’t find in Singapore.

Manchurian Lamb Hotpot

Address: 18 Smith Street, Singapore 058932

Telephone: 62258663

Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am – 10.30pm


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