Cafe Halal Western

Cafe-Hopping: The Royals Cafe

I have promised Mariem that I will do cafe-hopping with her, but I never got the time to fulfil my promise. Mariem has requested that I spend 31st July with her as her birthday present and she decided that she wants to do cafe-hopping. She gave me a list of cafes she want to visit […]


Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room (IMM)

It was the long weekend thanks to Hari Raya Puasa. My parents and I decided to have lunch outside, and I suggested IMM because I thought it would be less crowded. It is still crowded, but then everywhere would be crowded since it is a long weekend. We decided to have our lunch at Wan […]


Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant (West Coast)

Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant is just opposite my house and I have been wanting to try their food ever since I spied it a few months ago, but I have only managed to do so today.     Every meal comes with these 10 Korean side dishes. They look good, don’t they? I don’t know […]


Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf (Robertson Quay)

I would like to dedicate this first post to Stella Evangaline Toh, without whom this website would not have existed. We came up with the idea of starting a food blog and naming it Hungry Ghost together. She was the one who introduced me to Oysters Grill & Bar Wharf, the restaurant that made me fall in […]