Pasta Brava – Oldest Italian Restaurant in Singapore

Pasta Brava - Restaurant FrontThank you Sofi, owner and chef, for inviting me to review Pasta Brava. Pasta Brava opened in 1991, making it one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Singapore with 32 years of heritage.

Sofi bought over this restaurant 8 years ago and opened Sofi Cafe + Keto + Rooftop Bar next door, merging the two into one huge restaurant, bringing the restaurant to new heights. Pasta Brava serves traditional Italian food while Sofi Cafe + Keto + Rooftop Bar focuses on keto recipes. It’s also where Sofi ‘read people’ (she is supposed to be be really accurate) and give free counseling.

Pasta Brava - Interior AgainI have not been to the original location at 11A Craig Road, but Pasta Brava fits right in at Scarlet Hotel.

Pasta Brava -Window SeatStepping into Pasta Brava feels like stepping into a cosy Italian home. The floors are all carpeted, wooden tables and padded chairs gives off a cosy ambience. The soft lights are not that great for photography, but makes the place feel even more homey.

The Food

Here’s the menu for your reference.

Pasta Brava - Yuzu Honey TeaSofi got me a Yuzu Honey Tea [S$6.80] because I wanted something hot to drink. The ingredients are sourced and shipped from Japan, Sofi makes the yuzu marmalade herself.

It has just the right amount of sweetness with distinctive yuzu fragrance. It’s the perfect drink when you want something comforting.

Pasta Brava - Pumpkin RavoiliChef Sofi just created this new appetiser Pumpkin Ravioli [S$33] 2 months ago and it has become one of the top-sellers at her restaurant. I think it is an ingenious modern take on the traditional Italian ravioli.

The golden brown triangle is a huge pumpkin ravioli which is deep-fried and topped with fresh tomato paste and a glob of burrata cheese. The tomato paste has a mild sourness which balances out the oiliness of the deep-fried ravioli. The glob of burrata cheese gives the tomato paste a touch of creaminess.

Just when I thought it’s already perfect with the crispy ravioli, tangy tomato paste and creamy burrata cheese, the sweet pumpkin paste inside the ravioli gives me another jolt of pleasure.

Pasta Brava - Lobster BisqueThe official name is Lobster Bisque [S$17] but I think it’s more like lobster concentrate. This soup is made by boiling lobster head, shell and meat for many hours. There isn’t a drop of cream added and yet every spoonful is full of lobster sweetness.

Pasta Brava - Lobster BisqueSofi suggested that I try something from her keto menu and ordered a Keto Risotto Squid Ink [S$33] for me. Instead of rice, this dish uses  konjac oat fibre grains.

Konjac oat fibre grains does not contain any carbohydrates which makes it keto-friendly. It has a crunchy texture while the squid ink oats every grain, giving it a almost truffle-like taste.

Pasta Brava - TiramisuTiramisu [S$15] is their most-popular dessert, now served in cups to avoid cross-contamination during Covid.

This is definitely one of the best tiramisu I have had so far. I like that the coffee and rum flavors are not overpowering, I can taste the rich creamy mascarpone cheese in every spoonful.


Pasta Brava - Event SpacePasta Brava is also the perfect place to host events and private parties. The main dining area can hold around 100 standing guests. There is a small private room on the left that can seat 25 people.

Pasta Brava - Private RoomThere is a small cosy room to the left of the counter which can seat 6-8 people. This is where Sofi conducts her counseling but it’s available upon request.

Pasta Brava - Scarlet Hotel

My Verdict

iO Italian Osteria and Pasta Brava are now my favorite two Italian restaurants in Singapore.

I love the decor which reminds me of a cosy Italian home with carpets and soft lights.

Everything at Pasta Brava is freshly made everyday by hand. There is a good balance of traditional Italian dishes as well as modern keto recipes. Yet, the prices are so affordable for such great quality.

The owner and chef, Sofi, is probably another reason that makes this place feel so welcoming. Her passion for healthy delicious food and genuine interest in your well-being makes you want to come back time and again.

Pasta Brava

Address: 33 Erskine Road, Scarlet Hotel #01-13, Singapore 069333

Telephone: 62220879

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11.30am – 10.30pm, Sunday 11.30am – 9.30pm


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