Prata Alley – Contemporary Indian Restaurant

Prata Alley - Restaurant Front

I was running an errand in 321 Clementi when I chanced upon this prata place called Prata Alley.

This prata place looked different from other prata places I have been to such as Sutha’s Cafe. The restaurant looks contemporary with black glass and bold red signage. If not for the word “prata” in its name, I would never have guessed it to be a prata place. 

Prata Alley’s menu is different from others too. Besides the usual pratas, roti john and briyani, you will also find some new creations such as The Big One and Tumeric Rush. You can find Prata Alley’s full menu here

Prata Alley – The Food 

Prata Alley - The Big OneThe Big One [S$15.90] is one of the signature items here. It looks like a prata but tastes more like a pizza. The prata is filled with mozzarella cheese, chopped murgh malai tikka, red and green peppers, pineapples, olives and bolognese sauce. It is then sealed with more mozzarella cheese, savory chicken pepperoni and drizzles of oil olive. 

The mozzarella cheese does an excellent job of fusing all the ingredients together and giving the prata-pizza some much-needed cheesiness. 3-4 people can share one of this so that everyone has stomach to sample more dishes.

Prata Alley - Big John

The guys at Prata Alley are not joking when they named it Big John [S$9.90] because it is at least twice the size of your regular roti john. You can choose between mutton or chicken bistik, which is toasted with egg and mozzarella cheese onto your baguette. It’s a little too oily so it gets a little jilat after a few mouthfuls. The accompanying chips and house salad helps to balance out the sweetness from the fiery-red sweet sauce that it is slandered in. 

Prata Alley - Pratas

Prata Alley - Thosai

I had Egg Prata [S$2.30] and Cheese Mushroom Prata (Shiitake + Mozzarella) [S$4.70] pratas and they are nothing to write home about. The Masala Thosai [S$3.70] is alright but not noteworthy too. 

Prata Alley - Tissue Milk

There is an entire section on dessert pratas. The featured image of the Ice-Cream [S$7.90] prata looks so good but unfortunately it was sold out so I had to settle for Tissue Milk [S$4.50]. 

Tissue Milk is basically cone-shaped tissue prata drizzled with condensed milk. I have always been amazed at how the Indians make the tissue prata so crispy and how it manages to stay crispy for so long. The creamy rich sweetness of the condensed milk goes so well with the crispy tissue prata. This is pure sinful indulgence. 

Prata Alley - Top View


Prata Alley is a contemporary Indian restaurant that serves some interesting fusion dishes besides the classic pratas, briyani and thosai. 

Prata Alley 

Address: 321 Clementi Avenue 3, 321 Clementi #01-12, Singapore 129905

Telephone: 69242073

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 11pm, Saturday – Sunday 7am – 11pm


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