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So Pho (Clementi Mall) - Just Pho You

While Lap Vietnamese Restaurant is a quaint Vietnamese restaurant in Novena, So Pho has always been my go-to restaurant for Vietnamese food. I have dined in So Pho on many occasions and here is my review from my latest dining experience in So Pho (Clementi Mall). 
So Pho (Clementi Mall) - MenuThis is So Pho (Clementi Mall)’s menu. The menu is the same across all outlets, which you can find here. There are appetizers, mains, banh mi, beverages and desserts. 
So Pho (Clementi Mall) - Grilled Beef with Mango Salad
For appetizer, I had Grilled Beef with Mango Salad (Goi Xoai Tron Bo Nurong) [S$10.80]. It is a refreshing salad of cabbage, tender grilled beef and diced mango with sweet and spicy sauce. 
So Pho (Clementi Mall) - Pho Sliced Beef with Tendon, Brisket & Beef Balls Noodle Soup
Whenever I have pho, I always go for the bowl with all the beefy ingredients, that is Pho Sliced Beef with Tendon Brisket and Beef Balls Noodle Soup (Pho Thap Cam) [S$12.50]. The soup looks deceptively clear but is very flavorful. The beef tendon, brisket, beef slices and beef balls are all well-cooked. 
So Pho (Clementi Mall) - Mango with Black Glutinous Rice
Mango with sticky rice is a popular Thai dessert but due to Thailand’s proximity to Vietnamese, it has also become a popular dessert in Vietnam. Mango with Black Glutinous Rice (Xoi Che Voi Xoai) [S$5.50] uses black glutinous rice which gives the rice a more robust flavor and bite.

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So Pho has 16 outlets in shopping malls all around Singapore which makes a convenient choice for Vietnamese cuisine. I appreciate the consistency of service and food quality across the different outlets I have dined in. 

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