Saizeriya – Cheap Italian Fare in 321 Clementi

There are a couple of low-budget restaurants chains such as Astons, Jacks’s Place and Collin’s. Saizeriya falls under the same category, all these restaurants aims to serve quality fare at affordable prices. 

Saizeriya - Restaurant FrontWhile Jack’s Place, Astons and Collin’s specializes in Western food, Saizeriya focuses on Italian fare. You can view Saizeriya’s full menu here

Even though I have seen Saizeriya at quite a few places across Singapore, I have never dined in one before. My colleagues wanted to have lunch at Saizeriya, so I tagged along. 

Saizeriya - Mushroom SoupSaizeriya - Corn Cream SoupThese are Mushroom Soup 蘑菇奶油浓汤 [S$2.90] and Corn Cream Soup 玉米奶油浓汤 [S$2.90] respectively. The soups are thick and creamy with velvety texture. Even though the consistency is slightly thin, there are bits of mushroom and corn in the soup which suggests that it is made from scratch. 

I think the soups will go well with some Garlic Focaccia 香蒜披萨包 [S$2.20], Original Focaccia 披萨包 [S$1.90] or Cheese Focaccia 芝士披萨包 [S$2.40].  

Saizeriya - Chicken WingThe Chicken Wing 鸡翅 [S$4.90 for 5 pieces, S$7.90 for 8 pieces] are surprisingly good. The wings are marinated in Saizeriya’s original spice recipe and grilled to tender perfection. The spices has done a good job of eliminating the gamey chicken taste and the meat is tender. 

Saizeriya - MargheritaWhen my colleagues cautioned me that the pizzas are small, I wasn’t expecting it to be even smaller than Pizza Hut’s personal pan! We got a Margherita 玛格丽塔披萨 [S$7.90] to share. This thin-crust pizza tastes like crispy biscuit with buffalo mozzarella cheese.

Saizeriya - Black Truffle & MushroomThe Black Truffle & Mushroom 黑松露蘑菇意大利面 [S$7.90] is alright but could be better. The pasta noodles are slightly overcooked and I can hardly taste the black truffle. 

Saizeriya - CarbonaraCarbonara 奶酪培根意大利面 [S$5.90] is one of the bestseller of the restaurant. It is slightly better than the Black Truffle & Mushroom. The pasta is still overcooked but the rich creamy sauce saves it from utter disaster. 

Saizeriya - Pistachio SemifreddoSemifreddo is a type of Italian frozen dessert. The main ingredients are egg yolks, sugar and cream. It is not commonly found in Singapore and I have not had it before so I ordered a Pistachio Semifreddo 开心果意式冰糕 [S$4.90] to try. It tastes like a fusion of cheesecake and ice-cream with loads of sugar.

Saizeriya serves casual Italian dishes at affordable prices. The food may not be the best but the wide variety and cheap pricing makes it value-for-money.

You can find the addresses and telephone numbers of all Saizeriya outlets in Singapore here

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