Sho Ryu Ramen (Funan Mall) – New Hakata Ramen Restaurant

I was in Funan Mall recently where I discovered a new ramen restaurant, Sho Ryu Ramen. 

Sho Ryu Ramen - Restaurant Front

Sho Ryu Ramen specializes in hakata ramen just like Hakata Ikkousha Ramen.

Sho Ryu Ramen - Interior

Hakata ramen originated from the district Hakata in Fukuoka city of western Kyushu.

Fishermen working in the Hakata district used to eat this ramen because it was quick and cheap. The food stall owners used super-thin noodles to reduce cooking time.

Sho Ryu Ramen - Signature RamenThis is Sho Ryu Ramen’s Signature Ramen [S$14.90] topped with pork shabu, kakuni, cha shu, chopped black fungus, scallions and flavored egg. The pork broth is rich and creamy while the thin noodles have a nice bite. 

Sho Ryu Ramen - Gyoza (Original/Crispy)Gyoza (Original/Crispy) [S$4.90] are the perfect accompaniment to ramen. The skin is slightly chewy with a slight crispness on the bottom.

Sho Ryu Ramen - Black Vinegar Chicken

Black Vinegar Chicken [S$5.90] is part of the Christmas special menu. The sourness from the black vinegar dressing cuts through the oiliness of the fried chicken. 

Sho Ryu Ramen (Funan Mall) 

Address: 107 North Bridge Road, B2-25, Singapore 179105

Sho Ryu Ramen (Somerset) 

Address: 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset #01-07, Singapore 238164

Telephone: 64818861


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