Singapore Zam Zam vs Islamic Restaurant for Nasi Briyani

After I published my review on Islamic Restaurant on Facebook, a Facebook user commented that Islamic Restaurant is overrated. He suggested that I try out Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant and Bismillah Biryani Restaurant.

So here I am at Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant, to see if their briyani is indeed better than Islamic Restaurant’s. 

Singapore Zam Zam - Interior

Established in 1908, Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant is one of the many halal restaurants along North Bridge Road. Judging from how packed the restaurant was, Singapore Zam Zam is definitely one of the most popular restaurant in the area. 

If you can’t find a seat in the ground shop of Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant, there are more seats on the second level. There is air-conditioning  upstairs, keeping you cool as you tuck into the delicacies. 

Singapore Zam Zam - Food Menu

Singapore Zam Zam - Drinks Menu

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant specializes in POT Dum Briyani, Murtabak, Briyani and Goreng.

Singapore Zam Zam - Mutton Briyani Top View

Singapore Zam Zam - Mutton Briyani

I am here specifically for their briyani. The Mutton Briyani [S$6] reminds me of Allaudin’s Briyani. The basmati rice is well-cooked but not as fluffy as Islamic Restaurant’s. The mutton is tender and aromatic.

Comparing Islamic Restaurant and Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant when it comes to briyani, Islamic Restaurant wins hands-down. The mutton is about the same in both restaurants. It all boils down to the basmati rice. I never knew basmati rice can be so soft and fluffy and I had the best basmati rice at Islamic Restaurant.

Which restaurant do you think serves better briyani, Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant or Islamic Restaurant? Let me what you think in the comments below! 

Singapore Zam Zam 

Address: 697-699 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198675

Telephone: 62986320

Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 11pm


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